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Three Takeaways from FinTech Week

New York is always teeming with energy and excitement. Every corner, every street, every person contributes to the hum of the city. There was extra buzz in the air with FinTech Week taking over New York last week with multiple events. I’m now sitting back home in Charlotte, reflecting on my time at the FinXTech […]

Balancing Innovation and Risk Through Disciplined Disruption

The digital disruption reshaping financial services mirrors the disruption brought about by Netflix, Uber, Lyft and Amazon in other sectors of the economy. What distinguishes financial technology companies is the financial and personal information their consumers entrust them with. The savviest fintech companies are those that employ discipline and structure to manage risk. Many fintech […]

Banks Face the Imperative to Innovate

I’ve seen enough to believe there are no barriers to innovation in banking. Certainly, there are speed bumps, gate crossings and rumble strips that banks will encounter on the road to innovation, but nothing that flat out prevents them from getting there. Indeed, there are a growing number of banks, including community banks, that have […]

Q&A: What Do Fintech Companies Commonly Miss?

Banks are increasingly interested in having conversations with fintech companies and exploring the potential to partner with them. They have a lot to gain: better technology, increased efficiencies and improved market share. On the other hand, fintech companies don’t necessarily know how to best pitch their products and services to banks. Banking regulations are significant […]

A Roadblock That Ruins Futures

Culture is one of the best things a bank has going for it. It’s also one of the worst. While I am bullish on the future of banking as a concept, I am admittedly concerned about what’s to come for many banks who struggle with cultural mindsets resistant to change. Specifically, the same mindsets that […]

Advice for Fintech Companies Working with Banks

For any fintech company that is just beginning to work with banks, the experience can at times be frustrating if ultimately rewarding. Banking and fintech companies are worlds apart in their perspectives. One is highly regulated and brings a risk adverse mentality to many of its decisions (guess which one that is), while the other […]

A Review of Emerging Technology Trends

The emergence of a vibrant financial technology sector has dramatically changed the banking industry by enabling new products and services that cater to the needs and preferences of consumers in today’s digital age. In preparation for FinTech Week, an event that FinXTech is holding April 25-26 in New York, here is a look back at our […]

Bank Boards Need to be Younger, More Diverse and More Visionary

I was chairing a conference recently at which a Gartner Group consultant talked about the firm’s annual bank survey. Gartner found that of the senior bankers it surveyed, 76 percent don’t believe that digitalization will affect their business model. I can tell you that 76 percent of those survey respondents were wrong. Of course digitalization […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Global Fintech

It’s difficult to comprehend the size of the global financial services ecosystem. Take just a minute to think about every person on earth with access to financial services (deposits, business loans, microlending and so forth). It’s around 2.5 billion adults. Despite having access to financial services, many people fall into the category of being underbanked, […]

Innovation Spotlight: BankMobile

Dan Armstrong, Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer, BankMobile In his role as chief digital officer, Dan Armstrong is responsible for co-leading BankMobile Labs, which houses BankMobile’s technology development team focused on user experience and innovation. In this interview, he discusses how BankMobile has taken ownership of its technology to provide a curated consumer experience. […]