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F/X Both a Threat and Opportunity for U.S. Banks

Uncertainty in foreign currency (F/X) markets remains high due to numerous circumstances in the United States and beyond our shores. Geopolitics, worldwide central bank policies, vast economic data, commodity prices and a host of other factors combine to create volatility, and these have been increasingly difficult to forecast of late. After a significant run up […]

Payments Processed on the Legacy Core: Not Smart Business

Banks are discovering that the stronghold they once held on payment processing, a thriving revenue-generating machine for their industry, is beginning to slip away. Corporations are finding fintech companies, a community of organizations built upon entrepreneurial business models, disruptive technologies and agile methodologies, can serve their payment needs better. Unlike organizations in any other industry, […]

Competitive to Collaborative: How Fintech Works With Banks and Not Against Them

Over the past two decades alone, the advent of new technologies has undeniably changed the way we communicate, work, travel, invest, shop and more. This has forced traditional financial institutions to adopt more efficient and modern business models. It comes as little surprise, then, that the banking industry—long renowned for its staid, traditionalist approach to […]

Innovation Spotlight: Citizens Bank of Edmond

Jill Castilla, President, CEO and Vice Chairman Citizens Bank of Edmond is a $252 million asset community bank with a rich history spanning 116 years. In 2009, the bank transformed its operations by making critical investments in technology instead of branches.  At the helm of this resurgence is Jill Castilla, president, CEO and vice chairman, […]

Bold Leadership Required: Innovating From the Outside In

In this video, Thomas Jankovich, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, outlines four aspects of a successful approach to innovation, including bold leaders who can make the decisions required to transform the bank and shepherd the organization through the process. He also explains the key mistake that institutions too often make.

Mobile Deposit Penetration Key Indicator of Readiness for Digital Transformation

Banking is being dramatically transformed by digital and mobile technologies. The widespread proliferation of smartphones, with their sophisticated cameras and mobile capture capabilities, creates a valuable opportunity for banks to shift both their retail and commercial customers from the physical banking habits of the past to new, digital channels—which can increase customer loyalty and save […]

The People Who Plan to Change Financial Services

This article originally published inside The FinTech Issue of Bank Director digital magazine. The world is filled with technology companies hoping to transform the financial industry. Of course, very few of them will. Not all ideas can overcome the substantial hurdles to become major commercial successes. We are not proposing here at Bank Director digital […]

How MySpend by TD & Moven Helps People Track Expenses

If there’s one thing most consumers wish they could do better when it comes to managing their finances, it’s keeping tabs on spending. And while various technologies, apps and solutions have hit the market to help banking customers track their spending, one unique partnership is helping people get even more insight into where, when and […]

Bringing Finance to the Unbanked in India

With about 40 percent of its entire population currently unbanked, India represents a unique challenge for banks and financial institutions looking to expand their services to the country’s consumers. Moreover, around 70 percent of the roughly 1.3 billion people in India live in rural areas, many of which lack reliable infrastructure and are difficult to […]

FinXTech Advisory Group Weighs in on Partnerships Inside and Outside Your Bank

Tasked with providing the most relevant information affecting the financial industry, the FinXTech Advisory Group is comprised of a select number of technology startup founders, established technology providers, innovation leaders in banking, investors and government, and non-government policy leaders. As financial institutions work to find the best technology solutions, we asked them to weigh in […]