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Bridging the Technology Gap

Community banks that leverage innovation could have a competitive edge over other traditional financial institutions. In this video, Brandon Janosky of Detalus explains how fintech partnerships can benefit organizations that lack in-house expertise and how to identify the right provider.

Four Tips for Choosing a Bank Partner

In January, I shared four tips for banks to consider when considering whether to enter into a new fintech partnership. How about the other half of that relationship? If you work for a fintech company, let me give you my perspective as a banker who has worked with many of them. Cultural Alignment: This is […]

How Collaboration Is Taking Shape

Banks and fintech firms are increasingly working together to create new and innovative solutions—developing a new products and services, or generating efficiencies for the traditional banking industry. How will these relationships continue to take shape in the near future? In these short videos, three members of the FinXTech Advisory Group share their thoughts. Sima Gandhi, […]

Innovation Spotlight: BankWest Community Bank

Vincent Tyson Deposit Accounts Manager, BankWest Vincent Tyson oversees deposit generation and retention for the South Dakota-based bank, including product development and process changes. He works closely with branch managers, the regional president and CFO on rate changes and deposit pricing. In this interview, he discusses the practical dynamics of staying relevant and assessing customer […]

Not All Innovations Are Disruptive, But This One Could Be

I was listening to a financier talking about fintech companies the other day, and he claimed that their work products are all sustaining innovations and not disruptive. He was referring to Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and an expert on disruption. In his research and writings, Christensen has pointed to various markets that […]

Are Bankers Growing Less Concerned About Fintech Competitors?

I talk to a lot of bankers, and lately I have detected a shift in bankers’ attitudes towards fintech. Just a few years ago, a discussion of fintech with community bankers would have inspired a certain amount of fear. It was widely believed at the time that fintech startups would disrupt and replace traditional banks. […]

Banks and Fintechs Evolving from Foe to Friend

FinTech startups were originally perceived as a significant threat to banks of all sizes. Today, we’re talking about “coopetition” between banks and fintechs. Why is that? Let’s start by winding back the clock just two years. A 2015 Goldman Sachs research report estimated that $4.7 trillion out of $13.7 trillion in traditional financial services revenue […]

The Year of the FinTech Rooster

One of my key forecasts for 2017 is that the fintech buzz will continue, but not in the United States. We need to look to China instead. This is fairly obvious as that country saw the biggest rise in fintech investments in 2016, while investments in the U.S. cooled off. This is pretty well summed […]

Announcing the Best of FinXTech Awards Finalists

It is with great excitement that we announce the ten finalists for the 2017 Best of FinXTech Awards. The finalists—partnerships between financial institutions and fintech firms—have been selected based on the degree of integration and innovation that each has displayed, as well as results: growth in revenue, reputation or customers. Finalists were selected by a […]

Reflections on Fintech at Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

I spent the first part of last week in Phoenix at the Bank Director Acquire or Be Acquired (AOBA) conference and as always I came away feeling like I knew more about industry conditions and expectations than I did when I got on the plane. If you are a bank executive, you should probably be […]