About Us

In response to rapid technological changes within the banking industry and feedback from industry leaders, Bank Director created FinXTech— a resource that allows banks in the U.S. to discover potential technology partners and solutions.

FinXTech brings together top decision-makers from both traditional financial companies and fintechs through our annual conferences, editorial content, online resources and insights from our FinXTech Advisory Group. Each of our events shine light on how partnerships and collaboration are generating growth, and our thought leadership content provides our audience up-to-date information on the latest innovations and opportunities in financial technology. In addition, our online resources assist banks in navigating the fintech landscape and connecting with the right technology partners.

Through our Best of FinXTech Awards, each year we recognize the most successful partnerships between banks and technology companies. These awards acknowledge stand-out performance based on innovation, growth by revenue, customers or reputation, and strength of integration.