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Where Do We Go From Here?

By FinXTech Staff

The work of so many bank fraud teams is to ensure that they don’t wake up to a crime scene.

In the latest episode of Reinventing Banking, a special podcast brought to you by Bank Director and Microsoft, we discuss the evolution of technology that helps fight cyber fraud and where the industry goes from here.

Seth Ruden is director of global advisory for the Americas for BioCatch, a behavioral biometrics company that helps financial institutions gain actionable insight, including fighting fraud. He talks with Bank Director’s FinXTech Research Analyst Erika Bailey about the promise that machine learning and automation have for bank fraud teams.

He also talks about the increasing sophistication of data analytics in tracking, and finding, potential fraud. Ruden also reveals his strategy for getting resources for bank fraud teams at your bank.

Finally, he chats a bit with Bank Director’s Erika Bailey on their mutual love for classic rock.

So ramble on …

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Erika Bailey  00:04

Welcome to Reinventing Banking, a special series of The Slant podcast brought to you by Bank Director. This 12 part series, sponsored by Microsoft, focuses on innovative companies and thought leaders in the financial technology space.  Hi, everyone. My name is Erika Bailey, research analyst for FinXTech, at BankDirector, part of my job is to live in the FinTech space, soaking up all the information I can either by vetting, researching or interviewing bank-friendly technology companies, and even if not the primary focus of their product. So many of these companies highlight their fraud prevention measures and tactics. In today’s episode of Reinventing Banking, I talked to Seth Ruden, Director of Global Advisory for the Americas at BioCatch. Now, BioCatch is a behavioral biometrics company that helps financial institutions fight fraud, among many other things. We talk about what it means to proactively fight fraud, the evolution of the crime, how data analytics grew to be an invaluable resource and what banks are actively protecting their customers against today. And to start things off, we couldn’t help but to revisit our love of classic rock and roll…

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