The Intersection of Financial Institutions and Technology Leaders

Unlocking Small Business Customer Success

By Derik Sutton

Relationships with small business clients typically start with a checking account, but deepening those relationships requires a stronger offering. Banks can help those customers by putting payments at the center, says Derik Sutton, chief marketing officer at Autobooks. “The checking relationship,” he says, “needs to be about facilitating money movement in just as much as it facilitates money movement out.” In this video, he discusses how banks can leverage payments to differentiate in the marketplace.

Topics discussed include: 

• Creating Value for the Customer
• Enhancing Adoption

Derik Sutton is vice president of marketing at Autobooks. He joined Autobooks in 2018 as vice president of product and experience. As part of the Autobooks executive team, Mr. Sutton now leads the marketing and industry insights for the team. In this role, he regularly speaks at conferences and helps financial institutions better understand the small business segment and how to best serve their needs.