The Intersection of Financial Institutions and Technology Leaders

Disrupting the All-or-Nothing Mindset in Banking

By Laura Schield

Nine and a half times out of 10, you don’t eat the entire pie during dessert. Instead, you opt for a slice – maybe two.

It’s the same with financial institutions and their services.

Most banks don’t originate every type of loan or allow customers to open every type of account in the market. But when they are in need of a specific capability, such as banking as a service capabilities or acquisition, development and construction financing, it can be difficult to find a solution that does only that.

In certain cloud-hosted environments, however, banks can create the exact solution they need for their business and customers.

In this episode of Reinventing Banking, a special podcast series brought to you by Bank Director and Microsoft Corp., we speak to Robert Wint, senior product director at Temenos, a cloud-based banking technology solutions provider.

Wint describes how Temenos’ cloud banking focus is helping financial institutions spin out specific, individual technologies and launch them as stand-alone solutions. He brings to the table some impressive case studies, and introduces a potentially new term to our American audience: composable banking.

Temenos reports that its technology is used to bank over 1.2 billion people. Listen to find out how.

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Edited for readability.

Laura Schield:

Rob, welcome to this Reinventing Banking podcast. We certainly appreciate your time and everything that you have to say. So let’s go ahead and get started with the conversation by telling our audience a little bit about yourself, and how you got involved in this job and in banking in particular.

Robert (Rob) Wint:

It’s great to be here. Gosh, you know, I guess my career in the world of financial services goes back 35 years ago – a scary number. When I started working in a bank in the UK, I mostly did background tasks and spent just short of 10 years working through a range of different roles in standard banking terms before I jumped ship into the more technical vendor side and spent just over half a dozen years now as a product manager.

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