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Disability and Opportunity in Banking

By Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director

Keri Cain didn’t set out to become a marijuana banker. But after her muscular dystrophy led her to give up her dream career in apparel merchandising, she moved back to Oklahoma and stumbled into the massive opportunity to support businesses operating in the newly legalized marijuana space with legitimate banking services.

She currently serves as Bank Secrecy Act director of special programs at Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Regent Bank, and created the institution’s cannabis banking program in partnership with Green Check Verified, a fintech that helps banks provide financial services to cannabis companies. Green Check has helped Regent Bank provide financial services and accounts to more than 300 cannabis-related businesses; 200 are licensed cannabis businesses in Oklahoma or Missouri.

Keri’s interest in this sector is informed by her curiosity as well as her disability. She shares with Bank Director her thoughts on including disability in conversations about diversity and inclusion, how banks can make their workplaces more accessible for all employees and how therapeutic cannabis may figure in her future.

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