2022 Best of FinXTech

FinXTech connects the decision-makers at banks with financial technology companies, enabling partnerships and collaboration that lead to revenue growth, expanded market share, increased efficiencies, enhanced customer experiences and reduced risks. 

Building on Bank Director’s annual research, beginning in February Bank Director will uncover the top fintech solutions of 2022 through our Best of FinXTech Survey. Replacing our annual Best of FinXTech Awards, this survey uncovers the top fintech solutions identified by the bankers that use them. If you are a bank executive who has developed a new fintech partnership or integrated a new technology at your bank, please CLICK HERE to give us your feedback. Your feedback remains confidential, and by completing the survey you receive advance results. 

In May of 2022, Bank Director will publish an analysis of the survey results on BankDirector.com with a final report detailing the top solutions used by banks over the last 18 months, and provide insights on technology adoption trends your bank might consider.