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2017 Best Of FinXTech Awards Announced!

The 2017 Best Of FinXTech Awards finalists and award winners were announced at the FinXTech Annual Summit held in New York, New York, April 26, 2017. Through the awards, FinXTech recognized the efforts made to grow a bank through collaboration and partnerships by and between banks and fintech companies.

2017 Best Of FinXTech Award Winners:

USAA + Nuance: USAA, based in San Antonio, Texas, made its website a little smarter in 2016 with the virtual assistant Nina, which provides support for USAA’s members. This use of artificial intelligence is the result of a collaboration with Nuance in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) + Sensibill: Scotiabank’s customers can store, organize and retrieve paper and electronic receipts through the Toronto, Canada bank’s mobile banking app and wallet, the result of a partnership with Sensibill, also based in Toronto. The service was launched in October 2016.

Green Dot (Go Bank) + Uber: Pasadena, California-based Green Dot Corp., which issues prepaid credit cards, partnered with Uber to provide the San Francisco transportation company’s drivers a fee-free debit card and an instant pay solution that allows drivers to be paid instantly.

The judging criteria acknowledged stand-out performance based on innovation, growth by revenue, customers or reputation, and strength of integration. The winners were chosen by this year’s FinXTech Advisory Group.

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