The Intersection of Financial Institutions and Technology Leaders

A Diamond in the Rough

By lauraschield

Imagine sifting through the sand on a beach to find a few diamonds just under the surface — Bitvore is doing just that as they search through unstructured data looking for critical red flags and signals, and helping banks identify potential issues.

In the seventh episode of Reinventing Banking, a special podcast series brought to you by Bank Director and Microsoft Corp., Bank Director’s COO Laura Schield sits down with Vera Silver, the CIO of Bitvore, to learn how her company is helping to reinvent banking by providing services that allow financial institutions to uncover what has never before been possible through data collection.

Silver also shares more about her storied career working with several financial services firms including but not exclusive to Goldman Sachs Group, Barclays PLC and Royal Bank of Canada.

This episode, and all past episodes of Reinventing Banking, are available on, Spotify and Apple Music.

Laura Schield is the Chief Operating Officer of Bank Director and FinXTech, and has served in numerous roles with the company since her start in 2010. Her primary focus is overseeing the day-to-day operational functions of the company.