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How Big Data is Helping Live Oak Bank Prevent Hacking

While there’s a myriad of technologies and companies on the market trying to make banking data more secure and prevent hacking, knowing which technologies and partners to choose from can be a daunting task. With cyber criminals looking for any conceivable way to get into banking systems, monitoring for potential threats can seem almost impossible. […]

Protecting Customers Through a Cybersecurity Control Tower

Citizens National Bank of Texas, the third-oldest independent financial institution in the state, has remained deeply committed to its local community since its founding in 1868. The bank’s hometown, personalized approach to serving customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has played an integral role in its success. It was this focus on the surrounding community […]

Is Amazon Go Safe from Mobile Fraud?

With the introduction of Amazon’s new brick and mortar grocery store, Amazon Go, standing in line to pay at the cashier is a thing of the past. At Amazon Go stores, the customer’s mobile phone detects what items they have placed in their basket, and simply bills their account when they exit the store using […]

Combating Identity Fraud Through Biometrics

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which is the identification and verification of a bank’s clients in order to understand and better manage risks, is a central requirement of the federal anti-money laundering regulations. Today, technologies such as mobile and biometrics have a strong impact on the redesign and digitization of the registration process, significantly […]

Emerging Technologies Combat Cybercrime

Anyone following the news knows that cybersecurity is a hot topic across all industries. This is especially true for the financial services industry. With hacks and online fraud on the rise, banks are doing everything they can to reassure customers that their digital information is safe and secure. And in 2016, this means thinking beyond […]

Fraud: An Uneven Playing Field for Banks and Fintech Companies

The role of banks and other financial institutions (FIs) as repositories for large amounts of money has made them prime targets for fraudulent activity over the years. As a result of this, a wide range of laws and regulations have been created governing the activities of FIs with the objective of helping to protect consumers […]

Aggressive Action Needed to Secure Banking’s Digital Future

As a community bank stock investor one of my biggest tasks is to read. To stay on top of what is going on in the industry I read all the pertinent releases from the FDIC, the Fed and the OCC. I also read a few bank hundred earnings reports every quarter as well as the […]

Technology’s Old Guard Focuses on Cybersecurity

In the good old days, robbing a bank took some logistical planning. You needed enough gun-wielding associates to cover the lobby while the heist went down, and of course you needed a getaway car and a place to lay low. Today, all you need to rob a bank is a cheap laptop, some hacking skills […]

Biometrics: Truly Know Your Customer

Filmed during Bank Director’s annual FinTech Day in New York City at the Nasdaq MarketSite, Conor White, president of Daon, talks about how banks of all sizes are using biometrics to address customer authentication issues.