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SizeUp: Friend or Foe

Making smart decisions at every stage of growth is a critical—and often difficult—process for many small businesses. While larger companies have the money and resources to utilize big data and analytics tools to gain insight into their performance, customers and competition, small businesses are often left guessing and must rely on incomplete information (or gut […]

Marstone: Friend or Foe

One of the biggest competitors that incumbent banks, institutions and advisory firms face today is the Robo Advisor. Fintech startups and apps like Betterment and Wealthfront are giving consumers convenient, seamless access to financial planning using automation and artificial intelligence (AI). However, one fintech startup is trying to do the exact opposite, putting robo advising […]

ClickSWITCH: Friend or Foe

Transferring accounts has long been considered a cumbersome process. Now with a simple click, the company ClickSWITCH has created an easy system that will allow its users the ability to transfer their accounts from one bank to another. ClickSWITCH further eliminates the need to contact each individual biller to transfer bill pay services. The process […]

Fundbox: Friend or Foe

For small businesses and freelancers, successfully performing work for customers and clients is only half the battle. Oftentimes, businesses wait up to 90 days to receive payment for their outstanding invoices. This delayed cash flow can create a variety of problems, especially when it comes to covering overhead expenses like rent and payroll. That’s why […]

Monotto: Friend or Foe

Not since the baby boomer generation has a single demographic cohort been more sought after by the financial services industry than millennials currently are. A smart, cost-conscious and tech-savvy bunch, millennials are perceived as being almost ruthless when it comes to cutting ties with their bank for a better option. And this has put pressure […]

Plaid: Friend or Foe

Whether customers are banking online with a big bank or trading stocks on sleek mobile platforms, their expectations for a smooth and seamless experience are constantly increasing. That’s why banks and fintech startups alike need to partner with the right companies on the back-end to make sure that their digital platforms can quickly and easily […]

Mozido: Friend or Foe

About two billion people are completely unbanked across the globe today. These are individuals with no checking, savings accounts or credit cards. They lack basic financial services that people in developed economies take for granted. That said, there are also over six billion smartphones in the world. It’s now common even for the unbanked in […]

Even: Friend or Foe

Can you find financial stability in an app? Even, an alternative to payday loans, thinks you can. The application provides a money management tool for those with low or fluctuating incomes. THE GOOD: Jon Schlossberg, Even’s CEO, believes it is expensive to be poor. His company started on the basis of wanting to help those […]

Max My Interest: Friend or Foe

Max My Interest, or Max for short, offers a cash management app that enables individuals and businesses to earn additional interest on their checking and savings accounts. The advantage for consumers? Max does automatically what most people are too busy (or lazy) to do for themselves, which is to shop around for the best rate. […]

Digit: Friend or Foe

In the world of fintech, Ethan Bloch, CEO of the personal savings website Digit, has the three of the four important keys to success. He has the experience of creating a successful company, Flowtown, and selling it to a scale player, Intuit. He has brand name investors: General Catalyst and Google, among others, and they […]